Weed Control and Lawn Fertilizer in Prosper TX

Seasonal Program for Beautifully Greener Lawns

Our exclusive 5 Step program

Early Spring: 
A Pre-emergent to provide weed control on crabgrass and other spring annual weeds; and a post-emergent for broad leaf weeds that may be up at that time; along with a shrub and flower bed Pre-emergent.


A Second Pre-emergent to control foxtails and other summer annual weeds. Along with a well-balanced, sulfur coated lawn fertilizer in Prosper, TX, for quick green up. Spot treatment of a post-emergent to eliminate broad leaf and grassy weeds. Also, a Pre-emergent in the shrub and flower beds.

 Early Summer: 

Application of sulfur coated, high nitrogen fertilizer in Prosper, TX, to promote stem growth, and spot treatment of a post-emergent to eliminate broad leaf and grassy weeds. A post-emergent for weeds in the shrub and flower beds.


A balanced slow release fertilizer to continue healthy growth through the hot season. Spot treatment of a post-emergent for control of both broadleaf and grassy weeds. A post-emergent for weeds in the shrub and flower beds.


A specially formulated fertilizer in Propser to straighten and deepen the root system for those cold winter months. Included is a Pre-emergent to control winter weeds and grasses; along with the shrub and flower bed Pre-emergent.

Blue chairs on lawn

The Lawn Tech program of continuous treatments combined with top-quality nutrients and weed controls virtually guarantees you are going to love your lawn!

 The key to a beautiful lawn is consistent feeding, comprehensive weed controls and properly  lawn treatmenttimed and applied irrigation. That's why Lawn Tech has developed it's own program of five seperate lawn treatments per year to give you the lawn you've dreamed of ..... with out the effort and expense you've dreaded.

 Each of our five treatments, specially keyed to the time of year it's applied, contains just the right balance of turf nutrition and weed controls. Combined with our water management recommendations, these nutrients will give you a lush, healthy lawn that you can be proud of...... and we can too!

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If you are not satisfied with a LAWN TECH application, we will re-apply it at no charge and continue with the regular program. Simply notify LAWN TECH within 30 days of the application. Shrub and flower bed treatments and individual Fire Ant mound treatments are not included in the guarantee.