Lawn Aeration in Prosper, TX

Lawn aeration in prosper, TX is the removal of small cores of soil to relieve soil compaction and thatch build-up. This establishes a thicker, deeper turf by allowing air, moisture and fertilizer down to the root zone of the grass.

Flea and Tick Control 
Insecticide application to help provide flea and tick control in Prosper and prevent infestations. While control of these pests is very difficult, this application should help reduce the population in your lawn.

Grub Control
Grub control in Prosper is an Application of insecticide formulated specifically for the elimination of turf damaging grub worms. This treatment is applied during the peak feeding period (July and August) and will keep the population down to prevent turf damage from appearing.

Perimeter Pest Control
Perimeter Pest Control is a series of applications which establishes an insect shield around your home.  This shield drastically reduces the number of insects that can get to or in your home by targeting them where they live, in the mulch, shrubs and ground covers around your home.

Year Long Fire Ant Control 
          Stop Fire ants for one full year ...... GUARANTEED     

Just one application of Professional-strength TopChoice will provide sufficient fire ant control in Prosper TX on your lawn for a full year. With one application, TopChoice creates a lasting barrier that kills existing colonies and prevents new colonies from establishing for up to one year, with less cost than multiple application products.

Other Information
All Lawn treatments include a herbicide application to control grasses in the shrub & flower beds

All Lawn treatments include individual fire ant mound treatments.

For maximum efficiency each of the application are timed and formulated to coincide with the current weather conditions and the specific situations of your lawn.

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Moisture Manager
 Is an advanced, and environmentally-sound chemistry which reduces your watering requirments by up to 50% or more. Forming a thin persistent film on roots surfaces it attracts available moisture, like tiny water magnets, giving plants an important ally in the year-round drought cycle.

Moisture manager capture and retains water vapor coming in contact with roots forming countless reservoirs that will prove vital to plant survival when moisture levels drop out of reach of the root zone. This helps to prolong a plants healthy internal processes and reduces or even eliminates drought stresses that lead to disease and pest. Persisting through multiple watering, the cycle of vapor capture and droplet formation repeats, ensuring that your turf and plants have a vital an uninterrupted supply of moisture. The film also travels with the roots as they grow. As plants respond to changing moisture levels they will benifet from Moisture Managers lasting effects.