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Local Core Aeration Services

Lawn Tech provides core aeration in Plano, Prosper, Frisco, Flower Mound, and surrounding areas.

Lawns naturally become compacted as we use them, and core aeration is crucial to replenishing lawn health! During late spring and early summer, Lawn Tech offers core aeration to homeowners in the North Dallas area. Core aeration is particularly beneficial in areas with heavy clay soils, as they can quickly become compacted, inhibiting proper water and nutrient absorption. Frequent rainfall and high humidity in Texas can create a breeding ground for fungal diseases, which can hinder your lawn’s health. Core aeration improves your lawn’s resistance to fungus as well as its ability to recover from disease stress. Contact the team at Lawn Tech for a free quote.

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What is Core Aeration?  

Lawn aeration is also commonly referred to as core aeration. This is an important service for all lawn varieties (both warm and cool). Aeration is the process of perforating the soil, by removing cores or small plugs of soil that are deposited back onto the soil surface to break down. The aeration process also helps to remove any thatch layer that might exist, although some lawns may still require dethatching.  

Warm-season grasses such as Bermudagrass and Zoysia should be aerated after they have fully returned from dormancy and are in their peak growing season. The timing of this depends on location but in the North Dallas, TX area it typically occurs between late June-August. Warm-season turf does not require overseeding.  

Cool-season grasses should be aerated in the early fall-late fall when you overseed. In Texas, we usually begin this process right after Labor Day.  

lawn aeration in North Texas, Plano, Prosper, McKinney

Benefits of Core Aeration for Your Texas Lawn

Aerating your lawn allows water, air, and fertilizer to penetrate all the way down to the root zone. This in turn supports root growth, by allowing the roots to grow deeper, creating a more healthy and thicker lawn.

Lawn aeration reduces the chances of having thatch buildup. Thatch makes it harder for your lawn to absorb water and nutrients. It also makes it more susceptible to disease.

Reduces soil compaction, creating more channels for water, air, and nutrients to travel through. Just like humans, your grass needs water, oxygen, and food to thrive.

Helps your lawn thrive through our hot Texas summers and throughout the year. Healthier lawns recover from drought stress better.

Boost Your Lawn’s Health with Professional Core Aeration

Lawn Tech offers various lawn care services to provide everything your Texas lawn needs.

Lawn Tech is a local trusted provider in Plano with years of experience in the lawn care industry. As a local company, we know what Texas lawns need to thrive. Our lawn care specialists are trained and equipped to manage and assess your lawn’s needs throughout each season. Established in 1985, Lawn Tech has been a top choice for homeowners in North Dallas looking for high-quality lawn services. In addition to core aeration, Lawn Tech offers liquid aeration options, lawn care programs, mosquito control, and more. Pairing our services with annual lawn aeration each spring is the best way to ensure your lawn gets the most out of our services. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about our lawn treatments. 

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