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Our Guide to Christmas Light Installation in Dallas

Preparing for the Holiday Season in Dallas: Christmas Light Installation  The holiday season is almost here, and that means it’s time to make our homes sparkle with holiday lights and outdoor decorations. Holidays can be a busy, stressful time for many homeowners. Decorating your home can add stress on top of everything else there is…

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Tips for Winter Lawn Care and Holiday Decor in Dallas

How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter in Dallas   As the Texas days get shorter and the air turns cooler, it’s time for Dallas homeowners to start thinking about preparing their lawns for fall and winter. Even though we don’t get tons of snow in Dallas, lawns still need some TLC to make it…

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Signs of Fall Lawn Disease in St. Augustine Grass

How to Spot Signs of a Fall Lawn Disease in Your St. Augustine Grass  Texas lawns can deal with many common lawn diseases throughout the year, especially as summer weather starts to cool down. St. Augustine grass is a warm-season grass that is a common choice for homeowners in Texas, but it can be vulnerable…

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Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Dallas Homeowners  

Fall Lawn Care Checklist for Dallas Homeowners   As summer winds down and temperatures begin to cool, homeowners may not be keeping general lawn care tasks top-of-mind. But fall is actually an important time to repair and refresh the lawn while preparing for the spring season. These fall lawn care tips can assist in maintaining a…

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The Importance of Fall Aeration for Texas Lawns

Do Texas Lawns Need Core Aeration in the Fall?  In Texas, with extreme heat and sometimes very dry summers, lawns go through a lot. On top of the environmental stress and a heavy clay soil type, we use our lawns for play and recreation. To fully recover from a hot summer of fun, lawn mowing,…

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Lawn Care Tips for Drought Stress in a Texas Lawn

Texas lawns have been dealing with extreme heat and drought conditions this summer. As we all know, watering is a crucial part of lawn care to maintain a healthy, green lawn. But when Texas homeowners are dealing with intense heat and strict water restrictions, what can you do? Lawn Tech is here to help. We’ve…

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Chinch Bugs in Your Dallas Lawn 

Signs of Chinch Bugs in Your Dallas Lawn  Hot summers in Dallas often cause lawns to become stressed. If you notice brown patches in your lawn, drought stress or lawn disease may be the first to blame. But chinch bugs may be the culprit. In severe cases, these small insects can do a lot of…

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Large Patch vs Brown Patch: What’s the Difference?  

How to Identify Disease in Your Texas Lawn  Lawns in Dallas and throughout the south can encounter many different harmful lawn diseases and conditions. The best way to protect your lawn from costly damage is to understand how to identify different common lawn diseases in Texas. Two lawn diseases that are often confused are large patch…

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Summer Lawn Watering Tips for Dallas Homeowners 

Summer Lawn Watering Tips for Dallas Homeowners  Lawn care in Dallas can be difficult with the long, hot summers, especially if your area falls under any watering restrictions. To maintain a green lawn, watering is a must. Since we can’t always rely on mother nature, it’s important to know how much water your lawn needs…

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Lawn Care Tips For Drought Recovery

There is no doubt that lawns and landscapes in our area are suffering drastically from this summer’s drought. July had 27 straight days of 100+ degree weather, with no rainfall. Some local utility districts have also implanted watering restrictions which have left some of our customers without the ability to offer their lawns the amount…

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